Block and Estate Management

Our USP: Focused, driven and hungry. East Block Group Block and Estate Management was derived as a result of property owners’ dissolution within the block management industry. Block and Estate management has had so much bad press over the years that we wanted to take that dissolution and turn it into what it should be: TRANSPARENT. It really is that simple. As a company there are no secrets, ask us anything you like and we will respond, and we believe you will like what you hear.

You have nothing to lose by getting in contact to compare your current block and estate management service. Examples of what our clients ask us before we are appointed:-

  1. How can we change agent? If there is a limited company in place tasked with overseeing the management the Directors have the power to change agent. As an owner if you are unhappy, you should not sit back and accept the situation. There is no excuse for a poorly managed building with correct budgeting and communication. If there isn’t a limited company in place there is legislation for owners to join together to appoint a managing agent.

  2. Do you use in-house contractors? No we do not. We actively seek local independent contractors, ensure they have relevant experience and insurance, and most of all care about our developments as much as we do. A local contractor has a reputation to keep. We build on those relationships and work in harmony.

  3. Do you take commission from contractors? No we do not. We are responsible for owners funds, and we treat them as if they were our own. We would not want to pay a commission on top of an invoice for works, so why should you? Get in touch to compare costs. Its very easy for us to spot based on the expenditure schedule.

  4. Will you keep us informed? Yes we will. We pride ourselves on communication. There are two reasons why an agent would not communicate; too much work as a result of having to be constantly reactive, and not doing things correctly.

Are you ready to change or appoint a managing agent? If the answer is yes, please get in touch.